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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  June 22, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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sandusky trial bomb shells. jury deliberations continue with more accusers coming forward. who they are and what they're claiming. hello, again. here is what people are talking about today. the jury is hard at work, already asking the judge to rehear testimony from witnesses alleging sexual abuse against jerry sandusky. >> jerry sandusky returns to court to wait as the jury of seven women and five men deliberate. jurors have already asked to review testimony from mike mcquery as well as the family friend who testified for
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the defense. mcquery testified he saw sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a penn state shower. the mcquery family friend gave a conflicting account. he testified mcquery told him he heard sexual sounds but never actually saw the alleged abuse. the sequestered jury is new deliberating without hearing a startling revolution. one of the adopted sons of jerry and dotty sandusky now says his father abused him. through his lawyer 33-year-old matt sandusky says he told prosecutors just this week that he was abused. reportedly prepared to testify as a rebut l witness if his -- rebut l witness if his father took the stand. there's no details about when and where the abuse took case and no indication why he can't come through sooner. jurors must sort through 48 criminal count. all the accusers met sandusky at
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his charity. >> another alleged victim has just come forward claiming sandusky abused him over 100 times over 4 years. get ready for another muggy summer afternoon. people are trying to keep cool, including some kids taking a dip at this pool in howard county. a live look outside now. we may not set any records today, still uncomfortable out there. bernadette woods is live in the first warning weather center with more on what we can expect today. >> good afternoon. we're going to start out with the fact that we still have a heat advisory hanging on for parts of the eastern shore. the thing is, that's only part of this story. let's get to that graphic. heat advisory in effect. temperature wise, it's warm out there. we didn't drop below 80 over night. 90s across the south. when you factor in the high humidity it
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feels like 93 in baltimore, 103 in easton. through this afternoon a cold front comes our way. that's where our focus is going to shift. the chance of severe weather this afternoon. there have been a couple of showers across the state so far today. nothing major. was ae as we led -- as we head through the afternoon there's that chance for severe weather. if any watches or warnings come out we will pass those along to you. a full forecast is coming up. a reminder from baltimore public works, swimming is banned at all of the city reservoirs. the waters can be tempting but they are not safe for swimming. swimming is also banned at manmade lakes. family and friend are preparing to bury a 17-year-old who died in an altercation with an off duty police officer. >> questions linger in this case, a public viewing for
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christopher brown will be held tonight. dozens gathered to pray for justice in the death of 17-year-old chris brown on the field at randalls town high last night. it's been more than one week since he died. a death the medical examiner ruled homicide by asphyxiation. >> he was an amazing person. it's just sad that his life had to end this way. >> he was a fun loving kid. he was the heart and soul of our team on the jv last year. we were looking forward to big things for him this year. he was going to be our starting center. initially when we heard this news the kids took it hard. >> police says brown was killed after an altercation with james laboard, leaving his family outraged. >> it's still unfathomable to understand someone not having amount of control within
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themselves. >> laboard chased a group of people after something was thrown at his door. he found the door hiding in bushing, minute -- bushes, moments later the teen was dead. >> i have met extensively with police chief johnson as well as district attorney scott shell and they assured me there will be a thorough investigation. >> police have yet to answer questions about the training and policies for officers while off duty and whether this has made my changes. those who gather hope it will. they want answers. officer laboard is on routine administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing. mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you. the public viewing tonight is from 4:00 until 8:00 at van green funeral home. you can find more information on funeral services and a memorial fund at
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just click on the story. a maryland man is dead after a shoot out with a metro police officer. investigators were looking into an attempted kidnapping. a detective went to interview a interest. the man started shooting at him. the detective returned fire killing the suspect. he's an administrative duty while that is investigated. a man is under arrest accused of impersons nating a police officer. ron matz is in the news room with all the details. >> reporter: the man found himself on the wrong end of the law. investigators say anthony master attempted to pull over a real off duty cop in prince georgia county. he used the illegal police lights in the windshield. he told him he was a military police officer from louisiana and that the officer was speeding. police say the officer then told master that he had no jurisdiction and the
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emergency lights were illegal in maryland. master fled but the officer called and called the police and was later arrested. jessica, back to you. >> thank you. mast erer is charged with impersonating a police officer. he has been released from police custody. wall street is trying to turn things around today after a rough thursday. stocks suffered their worst fall this month as bad news about the economy piles up. the number of people applying for unemployment benefits have reached a high. tradeers say the job market is the biggest concern and a rebound there is needed for the u.s. to help lead the world economy back to health. here is a look at the latest numbers. the dow up 67, the s and p up 5 points, nasdaq up 15 points.
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the city council passes the mayor's budget man. yesterday the council proposed to remove cuts from the budget to prevent the closure from recreation centers and fire companies. it failed and the mayor's budget passed the committee. the miami heat are celebrating the second nba title in franchise history. the heat closed out the oklahoma city thunder in game 5. labron james controlled the game once again scoring 27 points. the heat win 121-106 after losing in the finals last season. labron james was named mvp of the playoffs. >> i can finally say that i'm a champion. i did it the right way. i didn't shortcut anything. you know, i put a lot of hard work and dedication in it. you know, the hard work pays off. it's a great moment
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for myself. >> james was named mvp during the regular season. the oriels begin an inner league sere series -- series with the nationals tonight. see the birds take on the nationals live here sunday on wjz 13 at 1:30. tal ban insur gants storm a hoe held. >> -- hotel. >> the students caught bullying their bus monitor are saying sorry but some aren't forgiving. >> temperatures are still sweltering out there. bernadette woods will be back with your updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,
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it's 92 and partly cloudy in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is still coming up. a deadly gun battle at a popular hotel in afghanistan comes to an end leaving at least 18 people dead. authorities say taliban gunmen stormed the lake
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side building killing security guards and firing at guests. some escaped while others were held hostage. it went on for 1 hours until afghan police ended that stand off. an army commander says insurgents killed 15 civilians, 3 security guards and a police officer. ecuador's government is considering whether or not to have asylum to the wick ki peed yeah man. president obama gets his turn to address hispanic leaders today at the national association of elected and appointed officials in florida. it's his first speech since he said immigrants who have been here since they were children will not be deported. it comes a day after mitt romney addressed the same group, promising a long term fix for
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the immigration policy. some of the students who bullied a 68-year-old bus monitor in up state new york are apologized but they're getting -- apologizing but they're getting death threats. a father of one of the boys apologized in person. police are still stepping up props around the student -- patrols around the student's homes because they're fear of justice. the video went viral this week. the board has been pouring in. a funneled raising site has raised close to 450 -- a funneled raising site -- fundraising site has raised close to $400,000 for klein. the first warning forecast is 2 minutes away. >> first here's a look,,
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. welcome back. we're joined today by susie q being accompanied by amber from the spca. we have a lot of them, but this is a cute puppy. 2 years old, a spit mix. i just love the name. anything else we can know about her? >> she loves to play. she's shy because she's here. >> loves to play.
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if you have kids that like to play with the dog that is a good energy for you, you can adopt susie q at the spca. we think she's going to go quickly. she's so cute. the yell ow scarf is comply meants of mr. basement who believes we can make a difference for pets who need a home. >> and everyone needs to stay well hydrated today. >> during these spells we need the pay attention to them. remember the pets. weather wise, hot. that's why we're talking about it. it's another hot one. we've had a couple of showers out there during the morning hours. as we head through the afternoon this is going to start to fire up and we will see some thunderstorms. because of the hot weather on top of us, because of the cold front coming in, there's a chance that some of these thunderstorms could become strong to severe. let's switch it over and show you the slight risk. it's in effect for the majority of the state through this afternoon and evening. watches and warnings, if they
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come out, we will let you know on the tv side and the side. we have a couple advisories out there but nothing to do with severe weather, this has to do with the heat. heat advisories in effect for upper parts of the eastern shore. the dew points are still high. it's 92 in baltimore. we're seeing a couple degrees lower for oakland. 90 in cumberland. when you factor in the high humidity it feels like 96 in baltimore, already 102 in easton. not quite as hot today. we have a cool down comes in two different stages, the first one after today's cold front. tomorrow maybe some morning showers. that will get out of here quickly and when it does we will see the tun sunshine return around temperatures in the upper 80s -- and temperatures in the upper 80s. we have another cold front to move through monday. when that does it will bring a couple showers, maybe a
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thunderstorm and cooler air for the middle part of next week. we go from way above average, record temperatures, to below average. average is now 85 degrees. we will be below that for the middle of next week. one more thing to talk about out on the water, nice but if thunderstorms come we will have issues with it. wind all over the place right now, turning around to the north by tomorrow. farther south in the water the hurricane hunters are going into an area of disturbed weather. that could become debby. we will let you know if that happens also. chance of some strong thunderstorms going up to 94. tonight thunderstorms winding day, 68. tomorrow if there are any morning showers they will get out of here, sunshine returning, less humid, still warm, 89 out there. that's just the beginning of the cool down. we will have the five day coming up for you and it returns us to sailabration
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weather for the middle part of next week. >> that was just fantastic. >> we will just reference it like that. >> we will just bring back the sill operation. check -- sailabration. we'll have much more straight ahead, all the instand updates on today's -- instant updates on today's news and weather on we'll have health watch next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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check in today at 5:00 and 6:00. a jury is deliberating the fate of jerry sandusky. the latest as we await a verdict in the child sex abuse child. a final good-bye, family and friends bury a baltimore teen. the late st on the search for answers. join us for these stories today at 4:00 right after dr. phil.
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welcome back. we begin our cool down tomorrow, more so next week. highs 80s, lows in the 50s next week. thanks for watching. have a wonderful day. wonderful day. >> have a great,, [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more and more for cable -- and enjoying it less? upgrade to verizon fios internet, tv and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for a year with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contract and get $200 back and a two-year price guarantee. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet. and now, it's faster than ever. you get speed
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